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Monday, 26 November 2012

50000 cups of bitter-sweet tea

Imagine that you have three teaspoons of sugar.
And 50000 cups of tea and you want to divide that sugar between them.

My plot was that sugar.
The first 20-something thousands of words got the first two spoons of sugar.
The last spoon had to be enough for the remaining 30+ thousands.
So I had to grind the sugar and have sweetened the teas with the powder I have received.

As you can probably imagine, the last cups of tea are more bitter than sweet.
The plot instead of thickening is kind of watered down and not what I had in mind when I started.

That does not mean that I am not happy that I won, because I really am. Thought Shop is now backed up to three different places: Google Drive, my Evernote account and my hard drive.
In March I will print it out and the painful, horrible process of editing these bitter-sweet  cups of tea will begin. I kind of look forward to it.
I have this ridiculous 'proud parent' kind of feeling, that the plot is not really that bad as I make it seem and that maybe I will like what I will read in three months.

And at the same time I am scared, that I will hate it so much, that I will delete it and forget it.
Luckily I have so many projects to complete till March that I won't have much time to worry about Thought Shop.

For the time being, I will eat some celebratory cake, watch a movie, relax, take a few hours break.
Just float around on cloud 9.
Enjoy the amazing feeling of accomplishing something.
And what a feeling it is.


kelworthfiles said...

Congratulations on your win!

When you're ready to start revising, I really recommend Holly Lisle's "How to Revise your Novel" course. There's a lot of great stuff to learn in there, and it's got a step by step process for evaluating what you've done well in your first draft, coming up with a revision plan, and then writing your final draft. I've still got a few lessons to do, and I'm looking forward to them in December!

Sorrento Aishikami said...

@kelworthfiles: Thank you very much :D
I have given Holly Lisle a chance. I like her "teaching" style, I must admit that.

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